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BNI SEVA forms Strategic Partnership with Regent University

We are proud to announce that BNI SEVA has entered into an agreement with Regent University to provide BNI members and their dependents 25% discount on tuition.

Benefit Plan Level Corporate Partnership:

As a Benefit Plan Corporate Partner with Regent University, the various schools of Regent University listed below agree to offer benefited employees and their dependents, and all current, eligible members of BNI SEVA a 25% discount on tuition.  Discounts will not apply to fees, books, supplies or other charges. 

This scholarship would apply with the following schools listed:

  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • School of Communication & the Arts
  • School of Divinity
  • School of Education
  • School of Business & Leadership
  • School of Government
  • School of Psychology & Counseling
  • School of Law

Eligibility Clause:

To receive this scholarship, qualified applicants will have completed six months of employment/membership with BNI SEVA.    If the student does not remain an eligible employee and/or member of BNI SEVA for at least one-half of each semester for which he/she receives this benefit, the tuition discount may be forfeited for the entire semester.  At the time of forfeiture, the tuition discount may be reversed and become a balance due on the student account. The student will need to qualify this arrangement with the particular school in which they are enrolled. 

Dependents as defined by this article are considered as those that can legally be claimed as a dependent on the employee’s tax return.  This definition is consistent with IRS guidelines for the tax year for which the benefit is requested. 

It is understood that this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) does not guarantee admission and that acceptance into any academic program offered by Regent University requires that the prospective student apply and meet the full admission requirements as established by the specific school of interest.  In addition, all students shall be required to comply with all rules, regulations, policies and standards of Regent University.  The students shall be responsible for all tuition and other charges of Regent University.  Enrollment capacity may be limited.  Accepted students will be required to contact the specific schools to verify space and an officially starting date. 

Qualified candidates will need to verify an enrollment starting date, academic qualifications, and renewal criteria with the particular school of interest.  Specific information by school is available at

United States

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