BNI Connect FAQs

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Accessing BNI Connect:
BNI Connect can be accessed from:,, or
Forgotten Password:
Go to Password?/Enter Username/Answer Memorable Question/Check email for new password
(if problem persists, email [email protected] with details of the problem)
Obtain BNI Connect Login:
Go to to BNI Connect? Register Now/Follow prompt to obtain login
(if problem persists, email [email protected] with details of the problem)
Add a Member:
Operations/Chapter/Manage Members/Enter New Application
(Member will show “Pending” until we receive payment)
Renew a Member:
Operations/Chapter/Manage Memberships/Manage Members/Search Members/Edit Member (Under Options)/Membership Details (Tab)/Renew
(Member will show “Pending” until we receive payment)
Drop (Resign) a Member
Operations/Chapter/Manage Members/ (find member and select “Edit” under options)/Membership Details ‘tab’/ Select “Drop”
(Do not “Terminate” a member with approval from Lisa Renz.)
Operations/Chapter/Mentoring Program/Assign Mentor/Mentee
(Assign new members with a mentor for success)
PALMS Report
Operations/Chapter/Meeting Management/Enter PALMS
(People not eligible to join your chapter should be entered as a referral to BNI or Lisa Renz – if they can be referred to another chapter)

Membership Dues Report

BNI Connect > Reports > Chapter > Membership Dues Report > Go
Vice President Online Renewal Pre-Approval
Reports/Membership Dues Report/Select Icon Under "Member Renewal"/Check Appropriate Box/Pre-Approve

Member Online Renewal Process
Select "BNI Renewal" in left hand toolbar of"Click Here"/Login to BNI Connect/Complete BNI Renewal
**must have online, pre-approval from chapter's Vice President

Member Absence Report
Reports/Chapter/Absence Report/Select From Date (6 months back from current date)/Select Current Date/Go
Assign Weekly Speakers
Operations/Chapter/Meeting Management/View/edit Speakers
Update Member Profile
Members should log into BNI Connect and update their information. Members should make sure that “Contact Information” is visible on the Chapter Website unless they do not want people to be able to contact them.
Network/Testimonials/Connections/”Select Person to Ask”/”Ask Person for Testimonial
Email Visitor Invitation
From “Home” page of BNI Connect, Select “Chapter” on left sidebar, Select Email Visitor Invitation (Send a ‘test’ invitation to yourself so you can see how the information appears in the email)

Register Prospective Visitor
Operations/Chapter/Manage Visitors/Register a Prospective Visitor 
Enter Referrals
From "Home" page of BNI Connect/Enter Referrals/Select Member or Search Member Cross Chapter/Enter Referral Name/Select Referral Type/Enter Telephone Number & Email of Referral/Select How "Hot" the Referral is/Submit
***Still pass the White & Pink slips at the meeting. Mark your slips with a large "E" for entered so the VP will know it is already in BNI Connect.
From "Home" page of BNI Connect/Enter TYFCB/Select Member or Search Member Cross Chapter/Enter Amount of Referral/Select New or Repeat Business/Enter Referral Type/Submit
Enter One-to-Ones
From "Home" page of BNI Connect/Enter One-to-Ones/Select Member or Search Member Cross Chapter/Invited By/Location of Meeting/Topics of Discussion/Date/Submit
Enter Continuing Education Units
From "Home" page of BNI Connect/Enter CEU/Enter Education Points Earned/Submit


Currently, the program allows you to get credit for activities such as listening to podcasts, going to MSP and other happenings. We have expanded it to many activities. Let’s say you have a one to one with your BNI Director… then when you enter your CEU on your BNI APP, where it says MEMBER SUCCESS PROGRAM click it because you had a 1-2-1 WITH A BNI DIRECTOR/AMBASSADOR and get 2 points! You get 3 points for going to a Networking Event by clicking Leadership Team Training! Your chapter can even add categories to the CEU program or award a bonus category each month!

If your problem is not listed or you need further assistance, please contact Leah Wallace at [email protected]

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